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  1. LapCabby GO2 Portable 6 Device Charging Storage Case
  2. LapCabby UniCabby Horizontal 32 Device Mobile Charging Trolley up to 14" Devices
  3. LapCabby 32 Device Mobile Charging Trolley up to 17" Devices
  4. LapCabby Lyte 10 Multi Door Charging Cabinet 15" Horizontal
  5. LapCabby Lyte 16 Mobile Phone Mounted USB Charging Cabinet
  6. LapCabby Lyte 20 Mobile Phone Single Door Charging Cabinet
  7. LapCabby DeskCabby 12 Device USB Charging Cabinet

    LapCabby DeskCabby 12 Device USB Charging Cabinet


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LapCabby's charging cabinets are known for their tamper proof construction, which ensures the safety and security of your devices. The cabinets are built with high quality materials that are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that they will last for years to come. Additionally, LapCabby's cabinets come with a variety of features, such as cable management systems and LED indicators, that make charging and storing your devices easy and convenient.

In summary, LapCabby is a brand that offers reliable, high quality, and secure storage charging solutions for a variety of settings. Whether you're a teacher, business owner, or individual looking for a way to keep your devices organised and charged, LapCabby has the expertise and products to help you do so.

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