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Revolutionise the way your business or school collaborates, interacts, learns & communicates

LED Board 16:9

120"| 138"| 150"| 180"| 220"

CommBox LED Board 16:9 is perfect for boardrooms, meeting rooms, command centres, halls, auditoriums and retail environments. 

LED Board 21:9

132"| 181"| 209"

CommBox LED Board 21:9 is designed for Microsoft Teams Front Row layout. The CommBox LED Board 21:9 provides a truly immersive experience.

LED Board 32:9

199"| 249"| 299"

CommBox LED Board 32:9 is perfect for large meeting spaces where it is critical to see both content and far end participants.

LED Board Key Features

Enhanced Displays

CommBox offers versatile LED screens that enable organizations to showcase dynamic visual content and data from multiple sources on high-quality 2K or 4K displays.

These LED screens are ideal for various applications such as displaying daily school announcements, key performance dashboards, Twitter RSS feeds, welcome messages, or advertisements. Users can opt to share content across multiple screens or focus on individual displays for a more targeted approach.

To suit diverse needs, CommBox LED screens come with a variety of splicing options, allowing users to configure layouts that match their preferred styles.

Collaborative Versatility

Beyond mere display purposes, CommBox LED screens prove highly valuable in collaboration rooms, training or classrooms, and visualisation suites. They offer a seamless replacement for traditional projector screens.

For a superior Teams Room experience, these LED screens can be paired with Microsoft Team Rooms. Moreover, when combined with third-party collaboration or training software, they effectively enhance teamwork and communication among students or staff.

Powerful Video Management

CommBox LED screens provide access to IP cameras and seamless interaction with video management systems. This feature is especially beneficial in security or transportation monitoring centres, where these high-quality screens enable effortless monitoring across multiple displays.

In emergency centres, these LED screens serve as crucial resources, delivering critical information for quick response times and improved accuracy during complex emergency situations.

A Versatile Solution

CommBox LED screens are the perfect fit for various settings, from airports displaying flight schedules or advertisements to large sports venues running captivating adverts.

Schools and universities can also leverage these LED screens in shared areas, training rooms, and classrooms to display school announcements, daily schedules, and important emergency messaging.

Furthermore, retail businesses and stores find value in CommBox LED screens as they can inform and captivate customers with dynamic video content, leaving a lasting impression.

Commbox LED Board Range

LED Board 16:9

120" - 138" - 150" - 165" - 160" - 220"
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

The CommBox LED Board 16:9 - a cutting-edge solution designed for organizations seeking to showcase dynamic visual content while seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources.

Equipped with powerful 2 x 30W speakers, a user-friendly Android operating system, and boasting a 16:9 ratio with adaptive brightness, these screens deliver crystal-clear and vibrant images suitable for diverse purposes.

Controlled effortlessly through a mobile device app, the CommBox LED screens also feature a built-in video processing capability that supports screen splitting and easy switching. Additionally, their flexible mounting options further enhance their convenience and versatility.

From advertising and presentations to important announcements, the CommBox LED Board 16:9 proves to be an exceptional tool for effectively communicating information with a high-quality, immersive, and visually captivating experience.

LED Board 21:9

132" - 181" - 209"
Aspect Ratio: 21:9

The CommBox LED Board 21:9 offers a range of fixed size options, including 132", 181", and 209", catering to diverse presentation requirements.

Its seamless integration with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom enables you to deliver impactful presentations effortlessly.

With this LED Board, you can display single or multiple content simultaneously, schedule messages and announcements, and even interact with video management systems.

Installing the CommBox LED Board 21:9 is a breeze, thanks to its wall mount or hanging options. This design ensures that critical information can be displayed promptly, facilitating quick responses during emergency situations.

LED Board 32:9

199" - 249" - 299"
Aspect Ratio: 32:9

The CommBox LED Board 32:9 is specifically designed for large meeting spaces, ensuring optimal visibility of both content and participants. It comes in fixed sizes of 199", 249", and 299", seamlessly integrating with well-known platforms such as Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom.

Deliver impactful presentations, showcase multiple content simultaneously, and schedule messages, videos, and announcements.

The installation process is hassle-free, offering wall mount or hanging options. Additionally, it provides access to IP cameras and facilitates interaction with video management systems.

The CommBox LED Board 32:9 is an invaluable tool in emergency situations as it promptly displays critical information, enabling quick and precise responses. With its integration capabilities, versatile display options, and effective communication features, this LED board offers a comprehensive solution for large meeting spaces, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.

LED Board Key Specifications

Durable Hardware

The CommBox LED offers 2K or 4K resolution and incorporates blue light eye-care technology along with a built-in speaker.

Versatile Compatibility

CommBox LED seamlessly integrates with your preferred VC software and hardware, making it easy to incorporate into your existing setup.

Easy Connectivity

You can connect your device conveniently using the front inputs or utilize the CommBox LED app to display content from your personal device.

Sleek Splicing

With a slim design of just 31mm depth and an ultra-narrow bezel, the CommBox LED allows for effortless multiple splicing options.

Elevate Your Visual Experience

Enhance your school hall's versatility with our cutting-edge LED screens, specially designed to excel in the dynamic environment of a bustling school hall doubling as a basketball court. Fortified with an advanced adhesive polymer layer, our LED screens offer unmatched durability, providing optimal performance even in high-impact settings. This added protection ensures your investment is safeguarded for years to come.

Seamless Integration and Immersive Displays

With our LED screens, your school hall effortlessly transforms from a sports arena to a captivating visual spectacle. Experience vibrant, high-definition displays that seamlessly adapt to varying lighting conditions, delivering exceptional clarity from every viewing angle. The immersive experience provided by our LED screens elevates any event, captivating your audience and creating memorable experiences.

Unleash Creativity and Information Sharing

Empower your school hall with limitless creative possibilities and efficient information sharing. Our LED screens serve as versatile canvases for showcasing captivating visuals, educational content, essential announcements, and engaging multimedia presentations with stunning precision. These screens enhance communication and create a dynamic learning environment for students and faculty alike.

Investing in the Future of Your School

Choosing our LED screens with the advanced adhesive polymer layer not only grants you a superior visual experience but also invests in the future of your school. Create an environment that fosters innovation, engagement, and dynamic learning. Our LED screens are a testament to your commitment to offering students, faculty, and visitors an exceptional space for growth and discovery.

Commbox LED Board 16:9 in a Meeting Room

Commbox LED Board 32:9 in an Office Setting

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