SMART RX Education Series Board

Your Input in SMART's New Product Line
User's input has been pivotal in developing SMART's upcoming product line. SMART has recognised the growing appreciation for their unique Tool Navigator™ system and its role in fostering more inclusive educational spaces. SMART are thrilled to unveil the newest member of their educational range that incorporates Tool Navigator technology – the groundbreaking SMART Board® RX series, set to debut in Spring 2024.

Anticipated Features:

  • A rejuvenated iQ experience, boasting a 4K interface, unparalleled user-friendliness, and top-tier integration with student devices.
  • Certification from Google EDLA, with direct access to Google Play.
  • Pre-installed Android 13 ensuring robust security and fluid operation.
  • Precision-engineered glass for a distortion-free writing experience and unparalleled visuals.
  • Built-in audio system featuring dual 20W speakers and a 15W bass speaker.
  • Innovative environmental sensors, including those for particle detection and monitoring volatile organic compounds.
  • State-of-the-art multi-hued stylus.

Integration and Compatibility

SMART are elated to share that the RX series will come with Google EDLA certification, ensuring seamless and secure integration for both Google for Education and Microsoft Office 365 users. This includes compatibility with platforms like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. The RX series, designed for superior functionality and durability, stands out in its league.

Upcoming Announcement
Mark your calendars for the public reveal of the RX series (the successor to the SMART Board 6000S) this November. Keep an eye out for more updates and gear up for a successful season with SMART.

Should you have any inquiries or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Integrate AV team. We are at your service and ready to assist.

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